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Recharred Cask

Whiskey from recharred casks to create a more mature taste. Aromas of charcoal, dark chocolate, and dark fruits. Palate: Starts sweet, with notes of honey and fruit. Smooth vanilla as it develops. Full bodied.

Virgin Oak Cask

Blended in new oak barrels. Aromas of wood and clove. Palate of fruit and vanilla. Spicier finish with notes of pepper.

Bourbon Cask

Honey, caramel, and fruity notes on the nose. Palate: Corn, vanilla, maple syrup, toasted grain. Finishes with a leather, caramel, dried fruit. Medium body.

triple distilled malt


Aromas of lots of dried fruits and mild sherry notes. Sweet palate giving dried fruits mixed with vanilla. Medium finish with honey, fruit, chocolate.

White Wine Chablis

Rich buttery malt aromas. Sweet and dry palate of zesty citrus, apple flavours, and toasted oak. Crisp and oaky finish.

Red Wine (French - wine type varies)

Finished in red wine casks. Aromas of dried fruits and sandalwood. Rich vanilla and dried fruit palate with a spicy and peppery finish. Pinkish gold colour liquid.


Aromas of vanilla and oak, with ripe fruits and spices. Creamy and smooth taste with a variety of fruits - bananas, raisins, grapes. Long finish of fruits and caramel.


Very smooth whiskey. Aromas of vanilla and oak. Smoothly sweet palate of vanilla, oak, caramel, and butter.


Aromas of peat smoke, vanilla, and turf fires. Fruity and sweet palate with a long smoky finish.

double distilled malt


Aromas of barley and fruit - oranges, coconut, grapes. Fruity and soft palate with tropical notes. Dry and spicy finish.

pot still


Aromas of toasted oak and coffee cake. Smooth and balanced fruity and spicy notes. Long finish of sherry and toasted oak.


Nose of vanilla and leather. Palate of caramel, spices, and rich fruits. Leathery and soft spicy finish.

Creating a perfect blend!

Our whiskey experts suggest choosing one of the ‘Grain’ flavours to make up the body of your blend - usually 70% of the bottle. Combining this with two other finishes, one to 20% and the other to 10%, should give you a whiskey that’s 100% awesome.

But this is YOUR whiskey, and you can make it however you want. Happy blending!