Visit us in Cork to create your own whiskey in our blending room.



Visits to our blending room are the perfect option for a special night out. There are many packages and food options so contact us at for more details.


Or, Create Your Own Blending Room

If you’re a business or whiskey enthusiast you can create your own blending room with Whiskey Gift. We supply you with everything you need to create your own whiskey blending experience, from the equipment to the flavours. This option is ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants, etc.
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A History of Whiskey Blending

Whiskey blending became popular in the late 1800s. Johnnie Walker, a Scots grocer, had started blending malt and grain whiskey in 1857. On his death, his son continued to produce and export blended whiskey. The popular spirit of this time was Cognac. However, a beetle had devastated the French vines and decimated the stocks of Cognac. Blended whiskey replaced this as the popular drink with the upper classes.

The Single Malt and Pot-still whiskeys favoured by the Irish and Scotch distillers were too heavy and inconsistent for the palates of the Cognac drinkers. By blending with Grain the distillers were able to produce a lighter, fruitier, and more elegant product that appealed to the drinkers.

From humble beginnings, blended whiskey has grown to dominate the world market. Johnnie Walker, Jameson, Chivas Regal, Tullamore Dew and even the highly regarded Midleton Rare are all blends of malt and grain.

Blending allows you to marry together the flavours and characteristics of a number of different whiskeys. It allows you to give an expression of yourself or an interpretation of a friend or loved one.

How? We have selected a range of Irish malt and grain whiskeys for you to work with. Create your blend by choosing different flavours and finishes. Fill the empty bottle as you are mixing.

When your bottle is full name your creation for yourself or your muse. We will customize your label and of course, add your name as the master distiller.

Give the Gift of Creation!

Like a whiskey god!

Why not let them make their own whiskey? Give them a gift voucher so they can create their own recipe.