About Us


Did you know that the word whiskey comes from the Gaelic phrase uisce beatha, which means water of life? With Whiskey Gift, you can now gift the spirit of life. Irish whiskey was once the most popular spirit in the world, and now you can create your own flavour.

Whiskey Gift is for those who like discovery and creation. Create your own blend however you want, safe in the knowledge that it’s been blended the traditional way with perfectly aged barrels. Have fun and happy blending!



Create your blend on our blending page by filling your empty bottle with whiskey from the options available. Your whiskey is filled in 25ml increments. Each whiskey’s flavour is described with references to tasting notes to help you pick.

When your bottle is full, give your creation a name and say who blended it, which will both appear on the bottle’s label.

Above all, remember to have fun. Go with the flow and get into the spirit of blending. No one can tell you how to blend what you like. When it’s finished, just let us know who to send it to.


Give the Gift of Creation!

Like a whiskey god!

Why not let them make their own whiskey? Give them a gift voucher so they can create their own recipe.