(Pot) Still of the night

Pot still whiskeys are at the heart of the Irish spirit. Distilled from malted and unmalted barley, pot still whiskeys create a smooth liquid that goes down easy. This blend will keep you hearty and warm into the wee hours of the night.

Nose - Deep notes of charcoal, dark chocolate, dark fruits, toasted oak and coffee cake.

Palate - Starts sweet with a palate of honey, caramel, and rich fruits.

Finish - Smooth and long finish of vanilla, leather, and hints of spice.

70% Rechar Grain
20% Bourbon Pot Still
10% Sherry Pot Still


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Creating a perfect blend!

Our whiskey experts suggest choosing one of the ‘Grain’ flavours to make up the body of your blend - usually 70% of the bottle. Combining this with two other finishes, one to 20% and the other to 10%, should give you a whiskey that’s 100% awesome.

But this is YOUR whiskey, and you can make it however you want. Happy blending!

Give the Gift of Creation!

Like a whiskey god!

Why not let them make their own whiskey? Give them a gift voucher so they can create their own recipe.